Honeybees work harder just before it’s going to rain!

A new study published by researcher Xu-Jiang and his fellow colleagues found out that honeybees spend more time out of the hive when rain is near!
12.02.2016. 15:55

Create a bee-friendly garden

Just a tiny flower pot or patch can provide valuable pollinator habitat. You can make a big difference just by creating a bee-friendly space in your garden.
08.01.2016. 12:09

How the bees life cycle works?

Regardless of whether they live alone or in groups, most bees have a similar approach to mating! Find out the life cycle of the bee reproduction.
26.12.2015. 17:00

What Christmas dinner without bees would look like

t has widely been claimed that if we were to lose all the bees on the planet, we could survive for a mere four years. …
19.12.2015. 15:24

How the honey bees navigate?

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05.12.2015. 13:37