What Christmas dinner without bees would look like

t has widely been claimed that if we were to lose all the bees on the planet, we could survive for a mere four years. …
19.12.2015. 15:24

How the honey bees navigate?

Source: Source: www.polarization.com,  www.pnas.org,  www.economist.com,  animals.howstuffworks.com, www.buzzaboutbees.net, www.insectidentification.org Image: http://d17e0fxzi1rsso.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/30081858/Honeybee.jpg
05.12.2015. 13:37

Seven ways to check on your hive during winter

Do you get nervous if you don’t check your hives at least once a week all winter long? You never know what you might find. Care for bees.
28.11.2015. 15:03

How honey bees keep warm in winter?

How hard is winter on honey bees and when it gets really cold, can bees die? Find out how bees keep their hives warm even though they are cold blooded.
22.11.2015. 14:59

What happens to the bees over winter?

ave you every wondered what happens to the bees after the long busy summer?  They deserve a good rest that is for sure! During the …
08.11.2015. 14:48