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Still having those old notebooks you always lose somewhere?

Poor records and loss of important information about your bees is the problem with traditional methods of beehive management.

  • Get an overview of the current status for your bee yards, hives, examinations and harvests through a central Dashboard
  • Use the Calendar to schedule various Tasks and upcoming activities
  • Real-time Weather Forecast tied specifically for the location of your bee yards
  • Receive Notifications about hives that you should check and inventory status

Do you know exactly how effective was your beekeeping season?

Lack of data and business analysis is the problem in smart beekeeping.

  • Keep track of your Expenses and Earnings with custom Categories
  • Know exactly how much honey did hives yield in any period of time
  • Use various Graphs, Reports and Advanced statistics for monitoring your business. Never lose track of your expenses and earnings.

Are you able to track the exact growth of your beehives?

Many beehives and colonies are lost because of overpopulation and swarming.

  • Track the progress and growth of your hives in custom period of time
  • Receive Notifications when it’s getting crowded in the hive. You don’t want to force your bees to fly away in search for a new home, ensure a new hive for them on time.
  • Predict when your hives will be ready for harvest

Several hundred beekeepers are already using our platform!

BeeRM platform is created for you!

Optimize your beekeeping workflow, manage data, track yields and grow healthier bees!

Larvae (Basic)
0$ free
  • 10 Hives
  • Unlimited Inspections/Examinations
  • 3 active tasks
  • 3 months of historical data
  • 5 storage items
  • 1 Beeyard/Apiary
  • No users
  • Customer Success Support
Worker Bee (Standard)
15$ month
  • 11 – 100 Hives
  • Unlimited Inspections/Examinations
  • Unlimited tasks
  • All historical data
  • Unlimited storage items
  • Unlimited Beeyards/Apiarys
  • 5 users
  • Customer Success Support
Queen Bee (Premium)
contact us!
  • 101+ Hives
  • Everything in Premium
  • Unlimited users
  • Custom features & analytics
  • Hardware integrations
  • Business Intelligence
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Customer Success Support
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