Organic honey in EU, what does it mean?

If the bees were fed from flowers that were treated with pesticides or some chemicals, their honey cannot be labeled as organic honey
22.01.2017. 21:00

Medical uses of honey

Honey has been consumed for thousands of years for its supposed health benefits.Today, more and more people are finding out about the medical uses of honey.
29.08.2016. 15:36

Wild honeyguide bird helps to locate honey-rich bees’ nests!

New findings suggest that the famous cooperation between honeyguide birds and human honey hunters in sub-Saharan Africa is a two-way conversation.
31.07.2016. 15:10

Manuka Honey – unique honey and special medical health issuer

Manuka honey is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world. There are many Manuka honey uses that range from healing to curing.
21.05.2016. 20:19

When to harvest honey from your beehive

For beekeepers, knowing what time to harvest honey, is a matter of waiting until the beehive is full of cured, capped honey.
14.05.2016. 22:10