What is avocado honey?

26.10.2020. 09:00

If you are a strict vegan, you will probably always search for healthier, more natural sugar alternatives. One of the all-time favorites, although a bit costly, is Avocado Honey.

Many questions surface whenever we mention this type of honey within our social circle, and it’s no surprise.

Is avocado honey real?

Could it be true that this supposedly sweet condiment comes from something as buttery as avocado? Popularly grown in California, avocados make giant trees filled with small greenish-yellow to white blossoms.

As we know, the nature of a bee is to hunt for nectar and there is no better place to source it than from a flower.

You can probably already see the connection we’re trying to make here. The trees make avocado, which first comes from a flower, which initially has nectar that the bees feed on.

These buzzing insects then use this nectar to create what we call “Avocado Honey” in their honeycomb. That, in a nutshell, is where this natural sugar substitute comes from.

But there’s so much more to it than meets the eye and we have just the right answers to all your nagging questions.

Is avocado honey green?

It’s easy to assume that Avocado Honey would share the same color as its fruity counterpart, but this could not be further from the truth.

This product comes from a family of dark-colored honey, like Buckwheat Honey, which owes their hues to the high concentration of polyphenols (a specific antioxidant) found in these liquids.

Avocado Honey is incredibly rich in this compound and in reality, has a very dark amber to black color.

Does avocado honey taste like avocados?

Another common concern is the taste of this variety of honey. Avocados themselves have a hard-to-describe flavor - nutty but kind of not. Luckily, most honey does not stay true to the taste of the original fruit from their tree.

We can all agree that avocado has a pretty much bland savor to it. On the flip side, its honey is primarily sweet and has a similar taste to molasses or sorghum, with a subtle and pleasant, aromatic aroma.

This is usually the case with dark honey, although most others are characterized to have a bitter flavor.

Some people say that the flavor of this honey has more to do with its texture since it is very thick and creamy. Others claim that there is also a hint of buttery goodness in every serving of this avocado-based syrup.

The unique taste of avocado honey makes it an excellent choice for adding flavor to various foods. It is a great substitute for sugar or molasses and can be drizzled over fruits, cakes and pies.

Does avocado honey crystallize quickly?

Unlike other honeys, Avocado Honey has a unique sugar in its composition - persitol.

Scientists believe that this may be why it does not crystallize as quickly as the other bee by-products. That may be due to the presence of persitol, which is not found in any other type of honey.

Generally, crystallization of honey is a natural process and is not dangerous for honey or your health, but it increases water, which increases the risk of fermentation.

If you store honey for a long time, it may become darker and it starts to lose its aroma and flavor. 

Why don’t we see avocado honey on many shelves?

It’s true, avocado honey is not all-that common.

When you think of the bee, you most likely think of a flower-loving, six-legged buzzer.

What you may not know is that bees sometimes have a preference for specific flowers. But why?

The nectar of the avocado tree is rich in two specific minerals: Phosphorus and Potassium. It sounds like a healthy choice, right? But not for the bees.

As these insects scout for their next energy source, they often select flowers with just the right concentration of nutrients. Studies show that bees often turn down mixtures with high levels of salts, especially the two aforementioned.

As a result, the output of avocado honey is relatively low compared to other types, like acacia or orange blossoms.

So when you find a jar on the shelves, think of the dedication put in by these tiny creatures, to sum up that batch of honey. 

Health benefits of avocado honey

Like all foods, Avocado Honey does have its health perks. Aside from being low in fructose and a natural sugar source, this honey offers many other benefits.

And if I had already gotten this far down this article, I certainly would not drop it now.

Shall we dive in?

  1.  Combats Flu Symptoms

Like I mentioned before, Avocado Honey has a high concentration of antioxidants and is a natural anti-inflammatory compound.

These strong properties make it an excellent remedy for the effects of respiratory infections and flu symptoms such as:

  • sore throat

  • nagging cough

  • chest congestion

  1. Works as a Natural Antibiotic

One of my favorite benefits from this honey is that it works great as a natural antibiotic ointment for wounds.

Avocado honey has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that make it an excellent substitute for many over-the-counter topical drugs.

It uses its high sugar content to create an imbalance in the water concentration on the surface of the skin, thus causing infected and surrounding cells to release trapped fluids.

This works against the infectious microorganisms since they can only thrive in damp environments. 

  1. Great Dietary Supplement

Avocado honey is rich in vitamins and minerals and can be taken regularly to boost your health and prevent infections.

Again, honey is an excellent alternative to refined sugars but is still high in carbohydrates and should be taken in moderation.

Avocado honey has an exceptionally high concentration of potassium and phosphorus, which can be beneficial in small doses but can have harmful effects if taken in excess.

This should mostly be regulated by consumers with poor kidney health as high concentrations of salts equal more work for your organ to filter out.

  1. Leaves the Skin Glowing

If you can make a mask with mashed avocado, why not try its pure honey? Either way, it will leave your skin moisturized, refreshed and glowing.


Although it may cost an extra couple of dollars for this rare but natural sugar replacement, the benefits are by far worth it.

Whoever thought that you could get so much from just a simple, old avocado - or more specifically, its nectar!