MyBeeLine on International Beekeeping Fair in Croatia!

06.02.2017. 07:03

MyBeeLine on International Beekeeping Fair in Croatia!

We are proud to announce that we will be participating on the 13th International Beekeeping Fair in Croatia from 11th – 12th of February 2017. organized by the Bjelovar Fair.

It is the largest fair of this kind in Croatia and among the largest in the region expecting performance of over 100 exhibitors and thousands of visitors from Croatia and other surrounding countries!

MyBeeline will be situated in the Innovation section of Pavilion 8 of the fair where we will be demonstrating our Beekeeping Resource Management App as well as a few other things that are coming along our roadmap.

One great novelty is that we will also be showcasing a virtual look into a beehive. You will be able to see it with our Virtual Reality headsets at our stand. Come and see the real wonders of a hive, but from inside! ?

The Fair

bjelovarski sajam

Bjelovar Fair

The Bjelovar Fair (Bjelovarski Sajam) is one largest and oldest fairs in Croatia with the tradition dating back more than 500 years.

At Fair place Gudovac, in organization of Bjelovar Fair Ltd. and Croatian Beekeepers Federation, from 11th – 12th of February 2017., will be held 13th international beekeeping fair.

The biggest beekeeping fair in the region expects performance over 100 exhibitors and thousands of visitors from Croatia and other surrounding countries.
At previous beekeeping fairs, we have recorded performance by exhibitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, BiH, Hungary, Finland, France, Austria, Ukraine, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, and Greece.

Alongside with traditional Beekeeping fair, at the same time will be held Exhibition of wine and viticulture (Pavilion 9), which will enrich this ”sweetest” fair event.

Beekeeping fair will as before be divided into three basic sections:

  1. Exhibition and sale of honey and bee products – Pavilion 1 and Pavilion 8,
  2. Exhibition and sale of beekeeping equipment – Pavilion 8,
  3. Educational part (lectures and round tables) – Pavilion 4.

From other activities at the fair, we would like to highlight an amateur competition in preparation of gingerbreads, culinary show and as a novelty – the evaluation of best-designed exhibition spaces.

We especially draw attention to all exhibitors or from abroad who want to promote or sell their merchandise at Beekeeping Fair, to contact us and get all needed information related to temporary work permits and customs regulations in Croatia.

If you intend to come by, search for us in the innovation section of Pavilion 8. We hope to see you there!