Federal Court decided, the bees have won!

ederal appeals court dealt a huge blow to the pesticide industry by issuing a ruling that blocks the use of a controversial pesticide believed to …
23.09.2015. 13:25

How honey is made?

Source: http://www.honey.com/honey-at-home/learn-about-honey/how-honey-is-made/ http://www.livescience.com/37611-what-is-honey-honeybees.html Image: http://www.livescience.com/37611-what-is-honey-honeybees.html
19.09.2015. 17:53

Roles of bees in a hive

oneybees are a highly fascinating, remarkably organized society. A bee colony is known as a super-organism as no single bee can survive on its own. There …
12.09.2015. 08:47

Swarming Bees: What’s it all about?

ee swarms may look terrifying but if you are confronted with a buzzing horde don’t panic: bees stuff themselves with honey before they head off, …
05.09.2015. 08:35

Types of honey bees

n last post we talk about different types of bees, but honey bees are not the same as bumble bees, wasps or yellow jackets. Honey …
29.08.2015. 08:32