Restore your hair with honey hair mask

12.02.2019. 10:32

Honey is well known as a natural sweetener and taste enhancer, but did you know that it is also great for your hair?

Benefits of honey have been known for thousands of years, and it has been mentioned in a lot of literature. Before modern medicine came along, honey was one of the main ingredients in many medicines. Today, many people are again turning to natural products but it can be hard to find organic products that offer satisfying results.

However, that is not the case with products based on honey. You probably noticed that many cosmetic products contain propolis or honey, so it’s not surprising that your hair could benefit from honey hair mask. Honey is full of nutrients which can promote hair growth and stimulate hair follicles. Its moisturizing properties can help in keeping your scalp healthy and can transform dry and dull hair.

Some of you might be skeptical about putting sticky honey on your hair, but we will show you how amazing it can be. For starters, we have to mention what benefits honey can provide us.

Why you should use natural hair masks?

Hair masks are easy to make, and yet they are highly effective in providing your hair with health benefits. You can think of them as powerful hair conditioners which add shine, hydration, and softness. You can go to some hair salon for hair treatments, but they are fairly expensive and time consuming. What can be better than natural hair masks which you can make with a few simple ingredients, and you don’t even have to leave your home.

What’s more, the ingredients used in natural hair masks are cheap so you don’t have to break the bank to take care of your hair. Moreover, natural hair masks don’t contain chemicals which can irritate your scalp. Natural hair masks are the way to go for achieving healthy, shiny, and soft hair which you can proudly show around.

Benefits of honey hair mask

Honey contains many minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional properties which can make your hair and scalp healthier. Because of these properties, applying honey on hair is a vital part of hair care routines for many people. This all sounds fantastic, but you might wonder how exactly honey hair mask can keep your hair and scalp healthy? Don’t worry, we will explain all the great things about applying honey hair mask to your hair. And later we will also give you a few of our favorite hair mask recipes!

Protects and heals scalp

If you ever experienced itchy or inflamed scalp, you know how agonizing it can be. Finding the right product that works for you can be hard, but you can always give honey a try. It is natural so there is less chance that it could agitate your scalp even more. Antibacterial and antiseptic properties of honey are very effective in preventing scalp infections. By keeping your scalp clean from bacteria, honey will prevent itchiness.

Hydrates hair

Dull and dry hair can be hard to manage as it can get very frizzy and is more prone to breakage. For such hair, products need to be able to hydrate hair but also prevent the moisture from escaping hair follicles. Honey hair mask could be an excellent solution for that.

Honey in the mask is effective in keeping the moisture in hair because of its humectant properties. Also, it can bind water molecules from the air and keep the hair hydrated when it lacks moisture.

Promotes hair growth

Long hair looks beautiful, doesn’t it? If you have been longing for long hair, honey hair mask is the solution. Honey improves the quality of your hair and keeps the hair and scalp healthy, which affects hair growth. Damaged hair doesn't grow much and also breaks often.

By applying honey to your hair, your hair will be stronger and grow longer. Nutrients from honey feed the hair follicles with minerals which are needed for proper hair growth.

Adds shine

Have you noticed that hair in commercials always looks so shiny? With honey, you can achieve that for your hair in no time. As honey conditions your hair from within, your hair will be rejuvenated and shiny.

Naturally highlights hair

Subtle highlights in hair can enhance your natural hair color. For more dramatic effect you can add your regular conditioner to honey, and also squeeze in some lemon juice. Apply the mixture to your hair and improve your hair color naturally.

Softens hair

If you are looking to improve your hair texture, honey hair mask might just be the solution. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy conditioners to get silky smooth and soft hair. Since honey is a known emollient, it helps soften and smoothen your hair.

Antioxidants in honey keep your hair healthy

Honey is packed with antioxidants which can do wonders for your hair. Free radicals can damage your hair, but antioxidants will prevent that. Also, the presence of antioxidants promotes healthy hair growth and enhances your hair texture.

As you can see, honey can do amazing things for your hair, but there is one thing you have to be aware of. We already mentioned that honey has healing properties. But you also have to choose the right type of honey.

Choose the right honey

Many of us usually reach for honey from our local grocery store and if you are using that honey as a sweetener or flavor enhancer, it is fine. However, for the purpose of using it in honey hair mask store bought honey is not good. Hair mask needs nutritional compounds from honey in order to be effective, and store-bought honey usually lacks a lot of these compounds.

Lower nutrition of store-bought honey is due to it being treated with heat. Heat, unfortunately, destroys a lot of nutritional compounds in honey.

Perfect honey for the honey hair mask is raw honey. Raw honey comes directly from the beehive and hasn’t been treated with heat. If you want to reap all the benefits of honey, you should use only raw honey. For more details about the difference between raw and regular honey, check here.

Honey hair mask recipes

Now that we have covered the basics of the main ingredient in our honey hair mask, it’s time for some recipes so your hair can also reap the benefits!

Honey and egg hair mask

The egg is a common ingredient in natural hair products because it is full of proteins and vitamins, which are essential for hair. In combination with honey, you get a pretty powerful hair mask which will rejuvenate your hair. The egg keeps your hair healthy, while honey will give it shine and make it soft.


  • 2 eggs

  • 3 tbsp of honey

  • 2 ½ tbsp of coconut or olive oil


Beat the eggs, then add oil and honey. Mix everything together and the hair mask is ready for use.

How to use the mask:

Cover all your hear with the mask and keep it on for about 60 minutes. For better effect wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap. The heat will help the vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional compounds go deeper into your hair strands. When the timer is up, rinse your hair with any shampoo to get rid of any excess oil and the egg smell.

Honey and yogurt hair mask

Same as the egg, yogurt is packed with protein which is beneficial for your hair. This hair mask is especially great for dry and dull hair, and hair prone to dandruff. After using it your hair will be shiny, moisturized, and soft to the touch. Additionally, lactic acid from yogurt will cleanse the scalp.


  • 4 tbsp of yogurt

  • 2 tbsp of honey


Mix honey and yogurt well to get a consistent mixture.

How to use the mask:

Apply the mask to your hair with your hands or an applicator brush. For optimal results massage the mixture on the scalp and make sure to cover every area of the hair, even the hair tips. Wrap your hair with a towel and leave the mask on for about 30 minutes. As a final step, rinse your hair properly and let it air dry. Avoid using any heat styling tools on your hair.

Honey and olive oil hair mask

The moisturizing effect of this honey hair mask is excellent for promoting hair growth. Dry scalp affects hair growth so by keeping it moisturizing and healthy, your hair should grow fast and healthy. With regular use you should see great improvements in your hair growth.


  • ¼ cup of olive oil

  • ½ cup of honey


Mix ingredients well until the mixture becomes foamy.

How to use the mask:

Apply the mixture to your hair, from roots to the tips and massage the scalp. Leave it on for about 20 - 30 minutes and then wash your hair as usual.

Honey and banana hair mask

Bananas are full of vitamins such as B6, vitamin C, and potassium which are essential for hair growth. Honey and bananas mixed together seem like a health explosion for your hair.


  • Half a cup of honey

  • 2 ripe bananas

  • ¼ cup of olive oil


Blend bananas until you get an even consistency, then add olive oil and honey and mix everything together. Blend bananas properly or you might have issues with removing them from your hair. Also, you can add more olive oil to help with removing the banana from your hair.

How to use the mask:

Apply the mixture evenly to your scalp and hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Wear a shower cap or wrap your hair with an old shirt to avoid the mess. When the time is up, rinse your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo. If you have any banana chunks left in your hair, comb the hair to get them out and rinse again.

Choose the right hair mask for your hair

Not every hair is the same; some hair is dry, some hair is oily, some hair is limp, etc. Because of this, you should be careful about the stuff you put on your hair. Honey should be great for any type of hair, but oil, for example, could be bad for thin hair as it can make it more oily.

But don’t worry, no one is born with a knowledge of what exactly your hair needs. Your best bet is to try different ingredients in your hair mask and monitor the results you are getting. Since all the ingredients are natural, there is no danger for your hair. If something doesn’t work for your hair, just switch some ingredients until you find your winning combination. Moreover, hair masks should be used in moderation.

Your hair doesn’t need a hair mask every day. For optimal results, you shouldn’t use a hair mask more than two times per week.

Natural products are our future

You can hear all over the news about environmental issues, which are mainly a result of human influence. The advancements in technology and production brought many great things for us, but the environment is suffering. As a result, many people have turned to use of only natural products.

Some people believe that natural products are expensive or that they are not as effective as chemical products, but that is not true. Honey is a product that you can find in every house, and its uses are numerous. One of them is in cosmetics, so why not take advantage of that.

By making your own hair masks, you know what ingredients go into the mask and you can mix them up however you like. Honey hair masks that we mentioned aren’t the only ones which you can make, the variations are endless. We encourage you to try honey hair masks, we are sure that your hair will be thankful.