MyBeeLine’s look back on 2016!

03.01.2017. 13:37

Hey there, friends of MyBeeLine!

First of all, the whole MyBeeLine team wishes you a happy and “honey full” New Year. We wanted to make a little recap of 2016 and see how we all have grown together and how you guys helped MyBeeLine become better and more helpful to our fellow beekeepers and their bees.

BeeRM Application

More than 450 beekeepers have joined our Beekeeping Resource Management App!

World Map of MyBeeLine users

MyBeeLine Community

Almost 1000 hives have been added in the app resulting in approximately 50 000 000 – 60 000 000 bees being tracked on the whole platform! We can see that the most active users are coming from USA and Southeastern Europe & Balkans where we are physically present.

Based on the numbers for 2016, we are incredibly happy to have such great community and a big family of beekeepers onboard that are trying new approaches and constantly upgrading their beekeeping techniques.

MyBeeLine Blog & Magazine

Our most read blog posts were definitely the ones that talked a bit more in depth about various methods for checking pure honey. Specifically, those were:

  1. How to check the purity of honey at home?
  2. How can we differentiate 100% pure honey and adulterated honey?

They are the frontrunners with around 125 000 pageviews! This gives us even more incentive to research similar topics and share it with everyone interested in those.

MyBeeLine Facebook page

MyBeeLine Facebook Page

Thank you!

Our Facebook and social media community had a tremendous growth reaching more than 3000 followers and fellow beekeepers. We will continue sharing new and interesting things from the world of beekeeping and always look for new friends to share stories with!

A look into the future

Want to glimpse a little bit into our future plans for 2017? Alrighty, we will share a few things with you!

1. Beekeeping Industry Overview Section

Next in our MyBeeLine roadmap is a large industry overview beekeeping market. We intend to provide a place on the web for small and organic beekeepers as well as other participants to collaborate and trade together on honey, supplies or anything else of beekeeping need.

2. BeeRM support for hardware devices (scales, sensors)

We will be partnering up with some manufacturers to automate data inputting in the BeeRM through various sources like scales for weight and sensors for all other data (humidity, temperature and similar)

3. BeeRM Mobile App

An Android BeeRM app is on the way and will be going into testing phase later this month (January). The official launch of the app will be announced shortly after.

4. BeeRM new app design

BeeRM will be getting a new design facelift in the first half of 2017 so expect many new features to be much more adjusted for better user experience and overall usage.

5. BeeRM disease prevention modules

And finally, we are heavily working on a feature that will allow beekeepers to prevent disease outbreaks and be preventively alarmed in case of such in their area. This is a big feature and one mostly requested by our platform users so we are attending extra effort in developing this section.

All in all, 2016 was a very good year, but “bee” sure to keep an eye on us because 2017 will be even better!

Join our BeeRM platform and become a more efficient beekeeper!

Optimize your beekeeping workflow, manage data, track yields and grow healthier bees!