Make your beekeeping work easier - grab the Ultimate hive tool!

04.11.2017. 13:00

Since bees like to glue everything in the hive with propolis, so you need some tool to break the seal. That is where your hive tool comes in the play. It is one of the most important pieces of your beekeeping equipment.

The characteristics

The Ultimate hive tool is hand-crafted by a blacksmith in Oregon. It has a prime tool on one end and a cut blade on the other end. By combining the traditional hive tool and a comb knife, the Ultimate hive tool removes the need for carrying a traditional hive tool when prying is needed.

The dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 12 ¾’’

  • Chisel: 1 ½’’ x 1 ¼’’

  • Curved blade: 1 ⅜’’ x ⅝’’

How can you use it?

We find the Ultimate hive tool a fantastic option for all hive work. The hive tool can be used to loosen hive bodies and frames during an inspection, removing a bee sting from the body, and scraping off excess propolis from hive parts. The sharpened hook at the end can easily cut propolis of frames and combs, while sharpened flat end can be used for scraping and prying.

Such a useful tool - you just have to get it!

This tool should be a part of the equipment of any beekeeper. Its simple design makes sure that the tool can be used on a variety of hives, whether it is foundationless Langstroth, Warre hive, or horizontal top bar hive. You will find a use for it every time you work on your hives, and it is definitely a tool worth investing in.