Jorafarm bees: inspirational organization that specializes in beekeeping

22.06.2016. 12:25

As a way of reducing poverty and unemployment in the Nigerian market, Ayoade Akande the project manager of Jorafarm bees decided to share his skills in beekeeping with youths.

Jorafarm and Associates is a not-for-profit organization started out in 2002. Jorafarm and Associates mission is to strengthen livelihoods and enhance youths and village community bringing efficiencies to the indigenous practice of beekeeping.

The idea of Jorafarm Bees was birthed by Ayoade Akande. The idea arose out of his passion for agriculture. As a young boy, Ayoade was involved in rabbit keeping until he started his University education. During his undergraduate years, he opted to develop himself in beekeeping so as to raise money to complete his education. This proved to be very effective for him as he spends lesser time on the farm compared to rabbit keeping. Now, he leads a campaign against the sale of adulterated honey which is highly prevalent in Nigerian market and has caused a lot of health damages to the population.

The main activities of Jorafarm Bees are beekeeping and use of beekeeping products. The primary target is the disadvantaged group which includes rural women and young girls. The organization seeks to help reduce poverty, unemployment and also ensure the constant production and sales of pure honey in the Nigerian market.


Picture 1. Ayoade (in the middle) with trainees

So far, the organization has conducted over 30 workshops/seminars on beekeeping. It has trained over 65 participants including youths and rural women. How has this project affected the local community, Ayoade said:

“The project has had a tremendous impact on youths, both in the university community and rural areas in Ile-Ife. The initiative has been able to attract support in kind form Bees for Development and Bees Abroad, UK.”

People that attended the seminars were delighted that they came. They were surprised to learn a lot about beekeeping and how easily it can be done. However, most are constrained by funds to set up their own beekeeping farm.”, Ayoade said.

In order to empower rural poor women, retired personnel and youths, Ayoade started a new campaign “Changing Lives through Beekeeping” trying to reach up £1300. The money will be used to get some of the necessary tools needed to train at least 10 people at a time, so if you can single out some money for this inspirational organization, go to Jorafarm Bees.

Beside all, Jorafarm bees team always work and try to do the best for local community so the future goals are not surprising:

“Future goals includes improving the life of youths and rural farmers by setting up a beekeeping centre to train youths and rural women free and also flushing adulterated honey out of the Nigerian market.”, Ayoade said.

If you want to know more informations about Jorafarm bees, check their website.

We are happy that organization like Jorafarm bees exist and certainly should be an example to others! ?