Bee smoker - why is it an essential tool for beekeepers?

09.11.2017. 15:00

Every beekeeper knows how valuable smokers are. Without the smoker working around the bees would be quite difficult. The smoker creates an atmosphere of harmony between you and your hive enabling you to do all the work calmly and with fewer stings. Understanding the importance of the smoker and its proper use is especially important for beginner beekeepers. One of the most important questions you might have is, of course, why is the smoking of bees necessary?

Why smoke bees?

The simple answer is that it is safer for both the bees and the beekeeper. Allergic reactions from bee stings can be dangerous, so you should prevent them from happening as much as you can. Moreover, it encourages routine inspections and makes the work with bees an enjoyable experience.

Calmer bees make a beekeeper more relaxed since there is no fear of being stung by the bees. Bees move slower so a beekeeper can work calmly and with more care. When both sides are calm and cooperative, fewer bees are squished during inspections. The relaxed approach to hive inspection enables the beekeeper to learn about the hive and study its activity.

Why is smoking so effective?

The bee smoker is effective due to bee’s natural instinct. When a bee detects smoke near the hive, it makes it think that the hive is in danger because of a nearby fire. As a reactionary instinct bees focus on caring for the queen and make preparations to move the hive. The preparation consists of consuming honey and nectar so they will have ample stores while looking for a new place for their hive.

Since bees are focused on collecting honey and saving the hive, there is a lesser chance of a beekeeper being stung. Eating so much honey makes bees lethargic, so their activity decreases making them more manageable.

Moreover, the smoke breaks up the pheromone signals that bees send to each other to warn of the danger. Opening the hive without smoke would disturb the worker bees, and they would use pheromones to signal other bees to attack. The smoke masks those pheromones and stops the communication preventing multiple stings, and bee loses (bee dies after it stings).

You should always bring a bee smoker to your apiary

The smoker is an essential part of beekeeping equipment, and it should always be at hand. Using smoker makes the bees more cooperative so you should always use it when working with open hives.

Where to get it?

The easiest way to get a bee smoker is to order it from a service like Amazon. We found a quality smoker that already comes with smoker fuel logs (3x), so you can enjoy its benefits right away!

Goodland Bee Supply 11-Inch Stainless Steel Bee Hive Smoker with 3 Pack Of Smoker Fuel

  • Polished and Welded Stainless Steel Construction

  • Welded Metal Fall and Heat Cage To Keep Hands From Burning and Protection From Being Dropped

  • Perforated Smoke Pellet Stand Provides Optimum Air Flow

  • Designed With Ease of Use While Wearing Gloves, Hive Mounting Hook Allows for Easy Storage When Not In Use

  • 4 inch by 11 inch Smoke chamber allows for the superior smoke generation

This smoker is easy to operate for both beginners and professionals. Simply light one of the smoke logs and set it onto the burning plate. Close the smoker lid, slowly pump the bellows fanning the pellet and pumps smoke out of the spout. 

Top of the line quality. This smoker had excellant weight, it burns for a long time and provides plenty of smoke easily. Also includes three smoke pellets free, a drop in grate, and a clip to keep the bellow closed. By misfitmorgan

It burned for over an hour after I was done playing with it. I just sat it in the fire pit and came back to check every so often just to see how long it lasted and without me pumping at all it was somewhere between an hour and an hour and half from last pump when it finally died. to me that's awesome. By Stasia

Extra pack of fuel logs

If you would like to be set for a while, you can also order a pack of fuel logs. The fuel we recommend lights up fast which comes in handy for hive inspections. If the log burns out, you can just add more and quickly after you can have the smoke rolling again.

  • Simply light with a flame, blow it out and watch the smoke roll

  • These can be used alone for checking a hive or two, or used as a starter for any other smoker fuel

  • Takes the work out of starting your smoker

  • Measures 8-1/2-inch length by 5-1/2-inch width by 2-inch height

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