5 reasons why beekeeping is awesome!

09.11.2017. 16:00

Bees are one of the most important pollinators; without them a lot of plants would disappear from the face of the Earth. Their lives and hive mind are raising interest among many scientists; the hive mind could help us in many aspects of our lives. Bees and beekeeping are fascinating so no wonder that beekeeping is becoming more popular by the day. All of us have seen beekeepers in their cool beekeeping suits and tasted delicious sweet honey. Wouldn’t it be awesome to wear that awesome suit and hang out with the bees? If you are still not sure about beekeeping, we will show you how awesome it is to be a beekeeper!

#1. Bees give your flowers a boost

When you get the bees, they feed on your flowers and vegetables around the beehive. As they go from flower to flower, they carry pollen and pollinate the plants. Bees are best friends to your flowers and vegetables. Having these fuzzy pollinators around will make your garden full of beautiful flowers.

#2. Your hard work is rewarded

The main reason many people keep bees is honey production. If you had an opportunity to compare store bought honey and honey that came directly from a beekeeper, you might have noticed a huge difference in taste. Local raw honey that you can get from your bees gives a healthy boost to your body and can help you overcome seasonal allergies.

Besides, bees also produce the wax and propolis which both have uses in our lives. The bee’s wax can be used in making a natural lip gloss, candles, and much more. Propolis is a fantastic medicine which can prevent cavities, heal burns, help with a cough, etc.

#3. Beekeeping is for everyone

Beekeeping is for all ages and genders. Whether you are retired and like the idea of taking care of bees in your free time, or you would like a relaxing hobby after work hours - bees welcome everyone. If you have a child interested in beekeeping, it can even become a family activity, so you can learn about bees together and later enjoy delicious honey.

#4. You are helping to save bees

In the recent years, the Colony collapse disorder has resulted in a serious decline in the number of bees. Unfortunately, we still don’t understand it fully and are not sure what caused it and how to stop it or slow it down.

In short, CCD is when worker bees abandon the hive. They leave the queen, young bees, and nurse bees to take care of the brood which leaves the hive open to parasites that will destroy the colony. Since worker bees cannot survive without their queen, it is against their natural instinct to just leave the colony.

#5. Working with bees is relaxing

People who are not that familiar with bees might find them scary as the most well-known fact about honey bees is that they can sting. However, you just need to get a good bee suit which will make the work around the bees safe. When you get over your fear, you will realize that bees are pretty interesting creatures. While working in the hive, you have to move slowly not to disturb the bees or crush them which can be relaxing. In today’s fast-paced world everyone is in a hurry and under stress, the slow pace of beekeeping work is refreshing and calming. Just imagine, slowly checking your bees while all you hear is their buzzing - sounds quite relaxing to me!

Beekeepers are awesome!

Beekeeping is rewarding as both bees and the beekeeper benefit from each other. Bees produce honey, propolis, and wax for the beekeeper who can use them or sell them, while beekeeper takes care of the bees keeping them healthy and in full power. You can have a beehive even in your yard or garden. As long as there are flowers around bees will be happy. Even if you are not interested in keeping the bees for honey production, you can help the bees by placing small bee houses wherever you can. That way you can keep the bees close so they can pollinate your plants, while you also help protect our pollinators. Happy buzzing!

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