10 Things You Need To Know About Raw Honey

17.09.2019. 11:45

When it comes to natural foods, one food that is universally adored is raw honey. This tasty treat comes in a variety of delicious options, and the uses for it are endless. Though most people operate with the thought process that raw honey is superior to some of the more processed versions that you might get in a store, few actually know what makes it so special. The most basic difference is that regular honey has been filtered and pasteurized to remove all other honey components.

The pasteurization process involves heating the honey to a high temperature, which can result in the loss of some nutrients. However, we are of the opinion that our bee friends work hard to make this delicious treat and deserve the proper credit for the magical work that they do, so we made you a quick list of things that you should know about raw honey!

1. It Is Safe To Eat Raw Honey

Many people find themselves worried about raw honey because of the way that it looks. The majority of people grow up used to seeing intensely filtered and pasteurized honey. It has been severely altered in order to leave you with a jar of that perfectly clear, golden honey that so many people are accustomed to. Despite its pure appearance, that honey isn’t actually any better. In reality, that honey is actually stripped of several components that are found in raw honey. 

Raw honey leaves certain factors like bits of honeycomb and other hive components more or less intact, which is why it has a tendency to look so much different than traditional pasteurized honey. Many people see this change in clarity and assume that raw honey is poorly made or dirty, but the reality is that raw honey is honey that has been retrieved and packaged using more natural means.

The extra components in the honey are not dangerous and will not harm you. In fact, some studies suggest that these raw honey components actually have a lot of good things to offer. 

2. Raw Honey Has More Health Benefits

Pasteurized honey undergoes a rigorous process that is designed to filter the honey to a severe degree. With this approach, you can visibly see the difference in the actual content of the honey, including what gets stripped out during this approach. When honey is placed through this intense filtration system, it loses some of its primary benefits.

Honey comes with a variety of health benefits, and raw honey makes it possible for you to get all of them by leaving the natural honey components present so that you can cash in on some of these perks. It is believed that this more pure form of honey contains more key nutrients and stronger characteristics. 

3. It’s A Handy Thing To Have On Hand When You’re Sick

In the days before true research into the benefits of raw honey, this is one tip that has been passed around in circles of vocal artists for ages. Raw honey has the ability to soothe the throat in a variety of ways, making it great for managing a sore throat whether it was brought on by a cold or a long day of rehearsing on stage.

This is a tasty way to help your throat to recover. It has long since been used to keep vocal actors and singers performance ready, even in the face of flu season. You can enjoy a healthy snack that also soothes your throat if you find yourself experience discomfort. 

4. Raw Honey Contains Hydrogen Peroxide

You might be wondering if we mean the same hydrogen peroxide that people use for wounds on occasion, and the answer is a complicated yes. While this is a more natural version of what you might expect within your medical supplies, it can operate within a comparable capacity.

In fact, raw honey can actually be used as an antibacterial in some cases because of the composition of the honey itself. This presence of hydrogen peroxide is perfect for helping you to stop all kinds of bad things from growing. This is beneficial for a couple of reasons, but it is particularly beneficial when it comes to safely storing honey. Raw honey has the capacity to protect itself from certain bacteria and fungi as needed. 

5. It Won’t Last As Long As Pasteurized Honey

If you’re looking for honey that will survive for long spans of time, raw honey might not be your best bet. One major perk of pasteurized honey is the fact that it can be stored for significantly longer than raw honey. With that being said, there are many who believe that a long shelf life on a product is not actually a good thing.

Since it tends to take unnatural processes to make items hold on the shelf, dietitians question if we should be eating things that can survive in a jar for lengthy spans of time. When you consider natural eating, it generally involves eating fresh and delicious foods that are ready to be experienced soon. Raw honey, though it might not last longer than it’s pasteurized cousin, is undoubtedly the more natural of the two options. 

6. Raw Honey Is Filled With Antioxidants

If there is one constant reference in the world of healthy eating, people love to focus on antioxidants. Antioxidants do an amazing job of helping to maintain the overall structural integrity of your body by taking on free radicals to improve your health. Powerful antioxidants come with a wide range of benefits, but their biggest credit comes from their ability to help your body fight off diseases.

If there is any reason that antioxidants are so popular, it’s their ability to help you dodge potential health problems. Raw honey does an exceptional job of providing the body with antioxidants so that you can help your body stay on the path of graceful aging and good health over time. This is a delicious way to enjoy something that is truly good for you. 

7. It Can Help You Manage Your Allergies

Raw honey has a tendency to get offered up as a helpful way to combat allergens, and it is actually pretty good for that. One of the things that normally gets stripped out during the pasteurization process is bits of pollen, and that pollen can do a lot of good for helping with your everyday seasonal allergies. It is commonly suggested for people with bad seasonal allergies to eat raw honey from local beekeepers because it will have the kind of pollen that you will be exposed to. Since pollen is a common source of allergies, continuously enjoying and exposing yourself to raw honey that aligns with these characteristics can be beneficial when it comes to improving your allergies over time. 

8. Raw Honey Can Help Balance Your Gut

While most of us use honey to sweeten our tea or as a tasty snack, raw honey can actually do a lot of good for your gut health. In fact, raw honey does an excellent job of making sure that your body has a healthy bacterial balance by helping to support the good bacteria in your body.

There is a large health focus right now on probiotics because of the growing research to suggest that gut health can be linked to overall body health. Though there are plenty of amazing probiotic products that you can get at the store, if you’re not interested in any of the commercial products being advertised, you can always rely on a little extra raw honey to help support your stomach and intestines for a happier, healthier belly. 

9. It’s A Great Source Of Healthy Energy

If you’ve ever noticed little straws or packets of raw honey being sold at your local store or events, you might have just assumed that they were for a delicious snack on the go. While this is partially true, the reality is that honey actually does a great job of providing the body with healthy and stable energy.

Treating yourself to a straw filled with honey is a great way to give yourself a quick energy boost that won’t have any of the pitfalls of sugar-based energy alternatives. It is known for providing quality energy without the eventual crash. 

10. Raw Honey Is Good For Your Blood

An unexpected benefit when it comes to raw honey is the fact that it can improve the quality of your blood and circulatory system. Raw honey is actually associated with helping to manage blood sugar levels, making it ideal for most everyone in our sugar obsessed world.

These anti-diabetic properties are the current focuses for a lot of research. In addition to helping with blood sugar, raw honey can also lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is associated with a variety of health problems, but honey offers a safe and natural way to help bring balance to your body. 


For most people, the taste of raw honey is reason enough to enjoy it, but the benefits don’t stop there.

In addition to being a delicious treat and flavor-add for food and drink options, raw honey is a substance that can do your body a lot of good in the long run.

Though raw honey might look slightly different than what you would expect from traditional honey options, just remember that it is completely safe and actually filled with a wide variety of benefits that can help you to improve your overall health. This is one snack that will always be a good choice!