How do bees make honey?

The creation of honey is an incredible process that really makes us appreciate bees and the work they do
04.04.2020. 14:00

Are you vegan if you eat honey?

According to the vegan society, honey is not vegan, and if you eat honey you are not vegan because the health of the bees is put in danger anytime that you harvest honey
29.02.2020. 08:31

10 Reasons to use honey and cinnamon together

Given that these two food substances are powerful on their own what about when they are combined, let us find the 10 reasons to use honey and cinnamon together.
18.02.2020. 14:00

Honey as a potential cancer cure? The truth behind sour honey

At this time all that is really known about sour honey and its ability to be touted as a potential cancer cure is that in some laboratory studies and animal testing they have had positive results.
26.01.2020. 11:00

What is creamed honey and how to make it?

When honey is harvested, it is collected in liquid form. However, after honey has been processed to control crystallization, creamed honey is formed. In this article, we are going to look at what creamed honey is and how to make it from natural honey.
13.01.2020. 00:13