Why choose Carniolan honey bee?

The Carniolan bee is a subspecies of the Western honey bee, and it is ranked as the second most popular subspecies among beekeepers
22.06.2020. 13:00

How to get rid of wood bees?

Wood boring bees are an essential nature's asset because of their job in a grand scheme of things; they are incredible pollinators.
19.06.2020. 14:00

Honeybees vs stingless bees - The real difference

Did you know that there are stingless bees? Not all bees are the same! There are around 20 000 known species of bees, each with its characteristics
28.03.2020. 19:00

Let's meet the queen - the queen bee!

There is a special bee that has the most important role - queen bee. The colony’s queen bee influences many things in the life of other bees, so it’s time to meet it a bit more.
21.03.2020. 17:00

Do carpenter bees sting?

Well, the short answer is that carpenter bees do sting. The female carpenter bee will deal with you and deliver a very painful sting, once you try to bother them in their burrows, but if you don’t bother with them, then you are safe.
21.02.2020. 17:00