Bees and flowers - a wonderful relationship!

The bees and flowers have a complicated and beneficial symbiotic relationship. In a symbiotic relationship between bees and flowers, both parties benefit from that relationship.
04.09.2017. 15:00

Honey and Orange Baked Chicken

There’s just something special about honey with chicken, but put with orange as well makes it irresistible
01.09.2017. 12:00

How to choose bee suit?

As with anything in beekeeping, there are several options when it comes to choosing a bee suit. The easiest way of choosing the most suitable bee suit is to try it out in your local beekeeper store.
17.08.2017. 20:00

Honey sticks - honey on the go!

Honey sticks are simple plastic drinking straws filled with natural honey and sealed on both ends. Each stick contains about a teaspoon (1 g) of honey, which gives about 20 calories of energy. To get the honey out, you simply snip off the end with scissors or bite it off.
14.08.2017. 19:00

How to use honey extractor?

The honey extractor is a device which extracts honey without damaging bee combs. It contains a cylindrical drum holding a frame basket, and by spinning it around honey is extracted by centrifugal force. Using honey extractor you can extract all the honey pretty fast and easy, so why not use it?
12.08.2017. 09:00

What’s the buzz about Slovenian AZ beehive?

The Slovenian AZ beehive is a way of beekeeping that will work for some and not for others. Because of its design bees might get the swarming urge more often so the monitoring should be done more often.
05.08.2017. 18:00

Where do bees sleep?

Having some insight on why and where do bees sleep, makes bees even more amazing. Their organization and efficiency are even evident from the way they sleep!
04.08.2017. 19:00

Honey baked ribs: a perfect weekend recipe

Weekend time is the only time when you get to get indulged in fun activities with your loved ones, and if you get a delicious food such as ribs on the table, then there is nothing more that you could ask for.
03.08.2017. 06:00

How dangerous are killer bees? What to do if you encounter them?

This bee is a hybrid produced by cross-breeding African honey bee with Western honey bee species, especially Italian bee. Their name itself can send chills down your spine; it sounds like a title of some horror movie.
31.07.2017. 19:00

Should you put honey in coffee?

Many of us like to start our day with a fresh cup of coffee. Some like to drink it with sugar, some other sweeteners, some milk, while others don’t add anything. But have you tried putting honey in coffee?
28.07.2017. 19:00

Do bees have knees?

Bee's knees have the similar function, allowing the movement of leg segments. Answering the question “do bees have knees” now depends on strictly following the definition of a human knee or just looking at the function of the joint.
27.07.2017. 22:00

Should you wear beekeeping gloves?

Protective gear is necessary, especially head gear. Beekeepers wanting to avoid getting any stings on their hands also wear beekeeping gloves. Beekeepers wanting to avoid getting any stings on their hands also wear beekeeping gloves.
23.07.2017. 22:00