What is Fireweed Honey?

The Fireweed honey is a premium monofloral honey, so unique that it is often referred to as the Champagne of all honeys.
23.11.2020. 12:00

What is Blackberry Honey?

Blackberry honey is an excellent option to include in your diet for multiple reasons, and the most obvious is its naturally low sugar content.
19.11.2020. 14:00

Do Bees Hibernate?

As soon as autumn hits and the temperature begins to drop, bees start preparing for deep rest - hibernation.
16.11.2020. 13:00

What is Meadowfoam Honey?

What makes meadowfoam honey so unique and tasty? The taste of marshmallows!
10.11.2020. 13:00

Why Does Honey Crystallize?

If you have a jar of crystallized honey at home, know that you have a natural one!
04.11.2020. 16:00

What Is Orange Blossom Honey?

Because of its high vitamin C content, orange honey is an excellent supplement for the flu season.
03.11.2020. 18:00

What is wildflower honey?

Wildflower honey is just about the closest thing to all-natural that you will find on the shelves.
29.10.2020. 13:00

What is avocado honey?

Could it be true that the honey comes from something as buttery as avocado?
26.10.2020. 09:00

Why go for sourwood honey?

Sourwood honey is among the most challenging types of honey to produce.
22.10.2020. 15:00

What is buckwheat honey?

Did you know that buckwheat comes from a family of foods referred to as pseudocereals?
22.10.2020. 14:00

Where does honey come from?

Honey comes from bees and plants and their incredibly symbiotic relationship. But do you know the origin of the honey you buy and the country it comes from?
14.09.2020. 09:00

Is honey safe for people with diabetes?

People with diabetes are often told that they should not eat sweets because doing so can cause a spike in blood sugar. However, could honey for people with diabetes be a healthy alternative?
16.07.2020. 13:00