10 Things You Need To Know About Raw Honey

Do you actually know what makes raw honey so unique? We made you a quick list of things that you should know about raw honey!
17.09.2019. 11:45

China producers are forced to pollinate fruit trees by hand!

The worst stories are coming from the apple and pear orchards of southwest China, where bees have been destroyed by pesticides and their natural habitat have been eradicated.
10.06.2019. 09:00

What is propolis and what are benefits of using it?

You often hear that bees collect propolis, but that is not true.Propolis, commonly also known as bee glue, is a resinous mixture made by honey bees.
27.05.2019. 14:00

How do beekeepers calm bees?

You have probably seen beekeepers working with hundreds of bees, and yet they rarely get stung. Their bees are so calm. How do they do it? Are beekeepers bee whisperers?
10.04.2019. 13:00

Agave nectar vs honey - What to choose?

Both honey and agave nectar are made of sugar so they cannot be much different, right? Who wins the battle - agave nectar or honey?
27.03.2019. 09:16

How to make homemade beeswax candles?

If you are a lover of natural products, we are sure that you will love beeswax candles which you can make by yourself.
14.03.2019. 09:00

Restore your hair with honey hair mask

Some of you might be skeptical about putting sticky honey on your hair, but we will show you how amazing it can be.
12.02.2019. 10:32

Fundraiser project in Uganda for beekeeping community growth

The funds from selling extracted bee venom will be used to fund education for local children, more precisely to fund scholarships for children who need financial assistance in order to attend school.
06.02.2019. 16:00

20 amazing facts about honey bees which you didn't know

Join us on a journey through 20 honey bee facts and you might learn some amazing things about our friends honey bees.
05.02.2019. 09:28

Honeycomb thief with bees in hot pursuit

This photo was scored in 92 positions in the 2017 Nationalgeographic Best Photographer of the Year competition. The photo was taken by Wanling Tang.
30.01.2019. 14:30

Melted snow at the roof of hive? Good or bad?

Melted snow on a hive is a good sign because it means that bees are doing well and manage to keep the colony warm. But, make sure that the bees are not overheating.
25.01.2019. 08:00

What is acacia honey good for?

Acacia honey is considered by many as the best honey it the world, so there must be something special about it, right?
23.01.2019. 10:30