Why choose Carniolan honey bee?

The Carniolan bee is a subspecies of the Western honey bee, and it is ranked as the second most popular subspecies among beekeepers
22.06.2020. 13:00

How to get rid of wood bees?

Wood boring bees are an essential nature's asset because of their job in a grand scheme of things; they are incredible pollinators.
19.06.2020. 14:00

What equipment should I get as a beginner beekeeper?

To beekeeping, it is necessary to have a high level of knowledge in this field, plenty of goodwill and to invest a lot of effort.
05.06.2020. 09:00

Does honey expire?

Honey is a natural sweetener made by honey bees, so it raises a question of does honey expire
23.04.2020. 12:57

How COVID 19 influence beekeeping? And what to do?

If you are a beekeeper who will be managing colonies during this time, please be responsible to avoid compromising your health and the health of others around you
08.04.2020. 21:00

How do bees make honey?

The creation of honey is an incredible process that really makes us appreciate bees and the work they do
04.04.2020. 14:00

Honeybees vs stingless bees - The real difference

Did you know that there are stingless bees? Not all bees are the same! There are around 20 000 known species of bees, each with its characteristics
28.03.2020. 19:00

Let's meet the queen - the queen bee!

There is a special bee that has the most important role - queen bee. The colony’s queen bee influences many things in the life of other bees, so it’s time to meet it a bit more.
21.03.2020. 17:00

Are you vegan if you eat honey?

According to the vegan society, honey is not vegan, and if you eat honey you are not vegan because the health of the bees is put in danger anytime that you harvest honey
29.02.2020. 08:31

Do carpenter bees sting?

Well, the short answer is that carpenter bees do sting. The female carpenter bee will deal with you and deliver a very painful sting, once you try to bother them in their burrows, but if you don’t bother with them, then you are safe.
21.02.2020. 17:00

10 Reasons to use honey and cinnamon together

Given that these two food substances are powerful on their own what about when they are combined, let us find the 10 reasons to use honey and cinnamon together.
18.02.2020. 14:00

Only few bees in your garden? Here’s how to get more!

To keep your garden healthy, you need to attract bees, and we’ve put together a guide to help you do just that. Let’s get started!
12.02.2020. 12:00